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You like to order for the exhibitor online?

The exhibitor receives a login code for the Online Order System with his admission from Messe Düsseldorf. Following this he can entitle you with the necessary authorisation to order the services accordingly to the assign and you are able to order the services for him.

You have just received the authorisation? Place your order here by OOS

Go to OOS

Power during the dismantling period

Do you need power also during the dismantling period? For further information and the application form for dismantling power please click to

Acrobat-x18y16.gif information and application form dismantling power 2017
(PDF / 45.25 KB)

Here you can download all the technical order forms 2017 (only available in English) as PDF-file

Acrobat-x18y16.gif All Technical Order Forms Stand technics 2017
(PDF / 567.94 KB)

Acrobat-x18y16.gif B12 Approval of special structures 2017
(PDF / 41.64 KB)

Acrobat-x18y16.gif B46 Approval of compressed gas / liquid gas cylinders 2017
(PDF / 40.63 KB)

Acrobat-x18y16.gif B47 Approval for flammable liquids 2017
(PDF / 54.01 KB)

Acrobat-x18y16.gif B10 Order form of Stairs and Platform 2017
(PDF / 100.17 KB)

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