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The Technical Guidelines for BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF 2017 are those generally applicable for Messe Düsseldorf trade fairs with the following exceptions/alterations:

By derogation from Item 8 of Part B, General Terms and Conditions of Participation, the following shall apply for BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF 2017:

Any unauthorised exceedance of the allocated stand area by way of stand construction or similar shall be punishable by a fine of € 500.- for each violation. The treatment of several violations as continuation of offense shall be excluded. We reserve the right to claim damages.

To ensure a good overall impression Messe Düsseldorf has devised guidelines regarding the standard of stand construction and design. The specifications are contained in the Technical Regulations which are binding for exhibitors and stand contractors. Messe Düsseldorf reserves the right to give the necessary instructions on (e.g. on the installation of floor coverings or stand boundary walls). For both exhibitors and stand contractors the Technical Regulations constitute an integral part of the contract. These are available in the currently valid version on request, subject to subsequent modifications, and become binding for the event.

The exhibitor undertakes to put up wall panels on all closed sides of the stand and provide a holohedral floor covering. These wall
panels can be ordered through ServiceCompass at Messe Düsseldorf. Missing stand boundary walls or missing floor covering will be erected or laid by Messe Düsseldorf at the expense of the exhibitor. The exhibitor must take into account the character and appearance of the trade fair as a whole.

It is the responsibility of the relevant stand owner to ensure that, where back panels of the stand have a height of 2.5 metres or more, the panels are designed clean and neutrally within the white, grey or beige spectrum, without violating the interests of neighbouring stands. (Item 4.7.1)

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